[FISEA’93] Paper: Martin Herman – Deterministic Chaos, Iterative Models, Dynamical Systems and Their Application in Algorithmic Composition


There has been growing interest in and an increasingly wide application of dynamical mathematical models in the domain of electronic music composition and synthesis. Iterative models and mathematical chaos algorithms provide for fertile creative ground among composers and researchers. Iterated functions systems, discrete time maps, and chaotic nonlinear systems and their applications in composition and synthesis have been discussed recently by a number of composers pressing, 19881. [Truax, 1990, Di Scipio, 1991, Gogins, 1991, Xenakis, 1991, Degazio, 1993] demonstrating the continuing fascination that these models hold in a wide variety of musical applications.

  • Martin Herman, Department of Music, California State University at Long Beach, CA, U.S.A.

Full text p.78-82