[ISEA94] Artist Statement: Bériou — Tableau D’Amour

Artist Statement

Agave S.A. CAP/France Duration 11′

Tableau d’Amour opens on a grey on desert-like landscape with an overlay of yellow grid line. The final tableau displays a rich design of organic matter and reveals a module of labyrinth like body structures. Between those two sequences, a love has unraveled, playing with our perception.

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  • Bériou (AGAVE S.A. CAP), France. Beriou was a mountain guy who used to live in a lost valley in the Alps. He spent apart of his life digging for gold in a mine. One day he realised that the seam he was working on was just a mixture of copper and iron – “fools gold”. So, crafty as he was, he sold the mine to someone from the flatlands. But, careful as he is, he keeps on  digging himself. Ever since then Beriou has been digging at the labyrinths of images and  building rock piles in order to find himself. Bériou is a pseudonym of Jean-François Matteudi, a French videographer and visual artist born in 1952. Some of his computer generated short films, produced by Canal+ and released in many countries, were widely broadcast in the 1990s. [source: Wikipedia].