[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Chris Landreth — Data Driven, The Story of Franz K.

Artist Statement 

Directed and Animated by Chris Landreth
Visualisation Software: Dave Bock, Tom Palmer (Cray research Inc). Post production: Robert Patterson
Soundtrack/Sonification: Robin Bargar. Audio Postproduction: Jay Rosenstein. Narrator: Vivian Chelette
Character Animation Software Courtesy of SoftImage Inc. Visualisation Data Courtesy of Jeff Knerr, William Katz, Gottfreid Mayer-Kress.
Special Thanks to: Ray Idaszak, Vince Jurgens, Donna Cox, Tony Baylis, Rich Misenheimer.
Produced at North Carolina Supercomputing Center, A Division of MCNC, USA. Post Produced at National Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA. 
© 1993 NCSC

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