[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Adem Jaffers — Rave Safe

Artist Statement 

Rave Safe was produced for the awareness of Aids/HIV: Safe Sex and New Needle Every Time.
An Emerald Film Production. Funded by Aids Bureau, Department of Health, NSW, and the Aids Trust of Australia.
Executive Producer: Tim Moore, NUAA Tribes Project. Produced by Tracie Walsh. Directed by Jeff Jaffers, Future Films, co-directed by Tracie Walsh, seventh heaven. Production manager: Sally Browning. Graphics: Jeff Jaffers. Animation: Adem Jaffers. 3D modelling: Adem Jaffers, tekno mandala. Music Composition: Morphic Resonance, oxygen mix by Third Eye. Editor: Jeff Jaffers. Writer: Jeff Jaffers, co-writer: Tracie Walsh, assistant writer: Adem Jaffers. Online: Visual Eyes, Roen Davis, Ruth Evatt.
Special thanks to: Aids Council of Australia, ACON Hiv Positive Support Workers, Deaf and Blind Instituteof NSW, CPA, Kirkton Road, MINE, Tim, Paul, Lifestyles Unit, Long Bay Gaol, Fairfield Focal Point, Bob Pike, Language Dept Sydney University, Quilt Project, Post Melbourne, Fordray Neriki,Opal Technology, Commodore Amiga, Citri ACGC RMIT, TVU Melbourne, New Beach Rd.
Ravers: Adam, Anna, Aya Larkin, Bruce Butler, Caasandra Boyd, Chad, Chris, Christian Delhay, Damian Moncrief, Dave Kyle, Garry Cohen, Gilles Bozec, Greg Ross, Johjoe Forcells, Kirsty Vinck, Lester Francoise Mandy, DJ Ming, Paul, Star, Phaydra Press, Rich the Raver, Simon Polinski, Tamara, Tim, DYO, Lee Moncrief, Vashti Rosenburg, Prashant Maharas, Tim Moore, Zenep Jaffers, Kerry, John Ogdan.
Software: Opal Paint 2.0, Opal Hotkey, Imagine 2.0, Morphplus, Dpaint IV, VLAB, CPA, Stop-Frame, Digi View Gold, Venice Studio, Alias
Hardware: Amiga 3000/030, 16 Meg RAM, Opal Vision’, VLAB + Canon Ion, 88 Meg Siquest, 1960 Multisync Monitor, Neriki Genlock, Personal Iris SCI
Homosapien Y-1993.1
© Aids Bureau, Dept of Health, NSW, 1993

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