[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: James Duesing — Maxwell’s Demon, 1990

Artist Statement 

Production Assistance: James Spiers, Christopher Young & Majorie Garreth
Voices: Sandrika Jamal Lazarides, Dan Kleingers, Aralee Strange, Rose Fey & Jimmy Dee.
Audio Post Production: John McDansel, Instant Replay Productions
Music composed and performed by John Ehrhardt & Dan Kleingers

This project was initiated at the University of Cincinnati. DAAP Computer Graphics Center.
The producer wishes to thank the following, with who’s help this project could not have been possible: C.A.G.E. Cincinnati Artists Group Effort, OVRMAC Ohio Valley Regional Media Arts Coalition, Jay Chatterjee, Susan Dickson, Maisha Hazzar, Susan Ivers, David Johnson, Kurt Kellison, Kristi Nelson, Rick Praire, David C. Todd, Robert Willis, Derrick Woodham & Jack wright.

ISEA Archives Video Channel:

  • James Duesing, USA

This project was funded in part by the Ohio Arts Council, AFI NEA Regional Fellowship Program through CNTV, University Research Council, University of Cincinnati. Duesing is a 1987 Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Recipient, Cincinnati Arts Allocation.