[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Nick Didkovsky — Threads

Artist Statement 

A Neural net is a computer program which learns by example. It is modelled on the interconnections of nerves in the human brain. Through self-training, a neural net evolves into a fully functional program, independently of the human programmer. This animation offers us a look inside a neural net’s evolution over the course of 12,500 training trials. The net attempts to draw concentric circles and diameters by converting from polar to Cartesian coordinates.As it comes to understand the conversion task, its ability to draw perfect circles improves.
Neural net software programmed in JForth. Neural net algorithm by Rietman & Frye.
Voice: Wendy Roberts. Music: Doctor Nerve. Thanks to Delta Research, A.K. Dewdney
© 1992, Didkovsky Nerveware

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