[TISEA 1992] Workshop: Phil Hayward — Being In Nothingness: Virtual Reality In Perspective, Workshop introduction


American Express Hall, Museum of Contempobary Art, 140 George Street, Circular Quay.
Monday 9 November 9 am to 5 pm

Tuesday_10 November 9.am to_5 pm (2 – 4:30 pm at the Powerhouse Museum)
Fee $110 total Monday and Tuesday-includes MCA catered luncheon each day

A two day seminar/workshop examining state-of-the-art applications of a diverse range of virtual reality systems, from headmounted displays to networked multi-user desktop environments and Myron Krueger’s Videoplace presented by an panel of outstanding international researchers and practitioners. A high level of audio-visual support material will be utilised by all presenters.

The workshop instructors / seminar speakers are:
Myron Krueger
Nancy Paterson, artist, CA
Susan Wyshynski, Toronto, CA, Vivid Group, Mandala Virtual World Technology
Jennifer Hall, Boston, USA, Do While Studio, Out of the Body Theatre
Carl Loeffler, USA, Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University
Luc Courchesne, CA, video disc producer
Mike Gigante, AU, director, Advanced Computer Graphics Centre
Joachim Sauter [1959-2021] DE, director Art + Com
Anna Couey, USA, Network Co-ordinator, Arts Wire

  • Phil Hayward, Macquary University, Sydney, AU, is closing panel moderator