[TISEA 1992] Workshop: Char Davies & David Morin — SOFTIMAGE


Australian Film Television and Radio School, cnr Balaclava Rd and Epping Rd, North Ryde. Transport will be provided
Fee $150 each day

A unique opportunity to learn about the extraordinary potentials of SOFTIMAGE, one of the world’s leading high-end 3D modelling, animation and simulation software packages, presented by two leading practitioners in the field.
The SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment is a fully-integrated package of hundreds of powerful and sophisticated tools, specifically designed to be accessible to animators, artists, and scientists without computer programming background, enabling them to quickly and easily create complex models and animations of outstanding quality. SOFTTMAGE operates on the complete range of Silicon Graphics workstations and is used by a growing number of film studios, animation houses, artists, broadcasters, product designers, scientists, architects, and engineers around the world.

Monday 9 November: A guided tour through the conceptual infrastructure of computer animation and all aspects of the SOFTIMAGE working environment.
Tuesday 10 November: A workshop designed specifically to cater to a small group of artists from various backgrounds, who wish to explore the creative possibilities of high end 3D computer graphics.

  • Char Davies & David Morin, SOFTIMAGE, Montreal, CA. Char Davies is Vice-President in charge of Visual Research, and David Morin an internationally acknowledged demonstator.

The TISEA SOFTIMAGE workshops are made possible with the generous assistance of SOFTIMAGE lnc, Silicon Graphics, the AFTRS and the Australian Film Commission.