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Keynote Presentations

Public Presentation

Paper Presentations

Digital and Experimental Arts: past, present and future

Bio Art Session 1


Transformative Cinema

Bio Art Session 2

Locative Media and Mapping

Digital Narratives & E-Literature

Games and Play

Spaces and Ecologies

Mixed and Augmented Realities

Tracking, Surveillance and Insecurity

Digital Pedagogies

Political Resistance

Art & Science

Materialities and Networks

Interactivity and Immersion

Robots and Robotics

Data Visualisation

Creator Sessions

New Media Performance

Photography and Digital Imaging

Technology, expression & wellbeing

Memories, Archives and Museums



Creativity and Participatory Urbanism in China

Imaging Capabilities of the Future

Learning from the CRUMB Method

Mirroring Sherry Turkle: a discussion on authenticity, humanity and technology

Ecology, Cybernetics and Open Systems in Art and Technology

Media Art, Mediation and Contemporary Art

Tracking the Boom: Think Tanks, Mouse Hacks and more in the United Arab Emirates

Assimilate This… Science Fiction and Media Art

The history of things to come

Future Nature, Future Culture [s]: Reflections on Balance-Unbalance

Rogue Troopers: Designing functional and fictional disruptions

Mediations of Sensation: Sensory Anthropology and the Futures of New Media Practice

Diagrams, Formulae and Models: Aesthetic and Scientific Strategies of Visualisation

Sensation, Meaning and Affect in the work of art / science / technology collaborations

Transdisciplinary Transreal: Mixed and Augmented Reality Arts (MARart) Research Scoping Forum

Mixed Reality Transformations: shifting relationships between movement, embodiment, somatics and image

Exquisite, Apart: Remoteness and/as Resistance


Curating and Collecting the New: Resistance is Futile

The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts Revived?

Art(ist)s in Space

Visualising Gesture and Effect

Im-position: a minor politics for interactive art

Re:imag(in)ing Indigenous media art histories


Latin American Forum  #1: Alternative History of Computer Music

Latin American Forum  #2

Latin American Forum #3


ADA Mesh Cities: Network, Space and Memory in the Transitional City


Large Urban Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere

SITEWORKS: Ecologies and Technologies

Lovely Veneer: The underbelly of good design

The Sustainability of Future Bodies

Artist Talks


ISEA2013 & Vivid — Artist Panel Talks

Session 1: Being in the City

Session 2: Mediating Nature, Technology & Culture

Session 3: Nostalgia of the New

Session 4: Distributed Enablers in the New Grid

Session 5: Click, Touch, Connect

Session 6: Spaces and Architectures

Session 7: Night Depot #3 Artists’ Talks