[ISEA2012] Introduction: Agnes Chavez – Note from ISEA2012 Education Program Director

Introductory Statement

The ISEA2012 Education Program presented by 516 ARTS focuses on integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education with Art, in search of a more integrated model for learning. In partnership with Intel, I have worked with a team of collaborators to develop this expansive program, which is geared towards 6th to 12th grade teachers and students in New Mexico. The centerpiece of the program is the Intel Education Day of the conference, featuring STEM+ Arts workshops, demos and presentations free for New Mexico teachers and students. The Visiting Artists Teaching Program provides a series of workshops for middle and high school students in Albuquerque, Taos and Las Vegas, New Mexico, culminating in performances and presentations at Intel Education Day and one of the Wells Park Rail Corridor Murals for ISEA2012. The Downtown Block Party during Education Day provides outreach to families and the general public to participate in ISEA2012 festivities and interactive DIY demos exploring the theme of Transportation. The STEMArts Competition: “Design Your Future” asks students to visualize their ideas for the future by exploring the ISEA2012 themes of technology as a means of environmental sustainability. The students’ images are displayed at the conference and on a Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboard during Education Day. The Intel Artist-Scientist Residency brings Indigenous artists from New Zealand to work with local youth on a piece that is on view in the ISEA2012 exhibition. And the STEMArts Activity Modules that can be integrated into existing STEM school curricula, are available free on the ISEA2012 website. They offer hands-on activities and lesson plans derived from the art, presentations and themes of the ISEA2012 conference and exhibition. The ISEA2012 Education Program gives us the opportunity to tap into the minds of thought leaders and creatives in the intersecting fields of art, science and technology to explore new learning ecologies. The program journeys through the world of 21st century innovation, discovering education at the convergence of science and the arts.
Participating Organizations:

  1. Albuquerque Academy
  2. Albuquerque Public Schools
  3. Amy Biehl High School
  4. ¡Explora!
  5. Harwood Museum of Art
  6. Intel Corporation
  7. National Hispanic Cultural Center
  8. New Mexico Highlands University
  9. OFFCenter Community Arts Project
  10. Taos Academy
  11. Taos Runway Vigilantes
  12. Tricklock Company, Manoa Project
  13. Wells Park Neighborhood Association
  14. Working Classroom
  • Agnes Chavez is ISEA2012 Education Program Director, Founder, STEMArts/Sube, Inc.