[ISEA2012] Panel: Eduardo Bayro Corochano, Andrés Burbano, Pablo Colapinto, Eden Medina & Susana Quintanilla – Latin America And Cybernetics

Panel Statement

Panel: Latin America and Cybernetics

In different countries in Latin America there can be identified important contributions to the history of cybernetics, but there are no clear intellectual efforts to explore if those contributions have been interconnected. Speakers include:

  • Eden Medina (Indiana University Bloomington) on applied cybernetics in Chile in the 1970s,
  • Susana Quintanilla (Departamento de Investigaciones Educativas del CINVESTAV) on her research on the Mexican scientist Arturo Rosenblueth,
  • Eduardo Bayro Corrochano (CINVESTAV Guadalajara) on his current advanced research on cybernetics and robotics, and
  • Pablo Colapinto (UC Santa Barbara) on his research about the first Art and Cybernetics exhibition in Argentina in the 1970s.

Sponsored by Doctorado en Diseño y Creación and Universidad de Caldas, Colombia.