[ISEA2012] Panel Statement: Patricia Watts & Jenée Misraje (moderators) — Getting Off The Planet

Panel Statement

This panel features artist collaborators Charles Lindsay and Eric Hanson who have created a digital video work of a morphing proto-world titled CARBON-X for the IAIA Dome in Santa Fe; and Scott Kildall with Nathaniel Stern who are facilitating the sending of Twitter messages at the ISEA2012 Gala toward an exoplanet 20 light years away. They address the role technology based artist practitioners can play in collaborations between the fields of astrophysics and art. Moderated by the co-curators of Getting Off the Planet, a multi-year site residency project curated by Patricia Watts and Jenée Misraje in partnership with the Santa Fe Art Institute.

  • Patricia Watts & Jenée Misraje (moderators)
  • Sam Bower
  • Joyce Cutler-Shaw
  • Eric Hanson
  • Charles Lindsay
  • Juanita Schlaepfer