[ISEA2012] Panel: Robert Ferry, Julie Freeman, Scott Hessels, Geo Homsy, Elizabeth Monoian & Vicki Sowry – MAKING SENSE OF DATA

Panel Statement

The panel presents an inside-view of pioneering contemporary public art projects from Australia, England, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the USA that transform our understanding of our lived environments through evocative and sensate uses of data. The focus on sensation is an intentional and explicit strategy used by the panellists to break data out of the confines of the screen and into our grounded, embodied environments. The projects presented also reveal how cogently the creative arts are contributing to global conversations about climate change and sustainability.

  • Robert FerryElizabeth Monoian are the founding Co-Directors of the Land Art Generator. Robert Ferry is a registered architect. Elizabeth has published, exhibited, and presented globally on the aesthetics of renewable energy and the role of art in providing solutions to climate change.  landartgenerator.org/lagiteam.html
  • Julie Freeman (born 1972 in Halton, UK) is an artist whose work spans visual, audio and digital art forms and explores the relationship between science, nature and how humans interact with it.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julie_Freeman
  • Scott Hessels, USA/Hong Kong   dshessels.com
  • Geo Homsy, USA, is a computer and software architect with extensive experience in physics, biology, and robotics.  montalvoarts.org/participants/geo_homsy
  • Vicki Sowry, Director, Australian Network for Art and Technology, ANAT.