[ISEA2012] Artists Talk: Willoh S. Weiland et al. – FOREVER NOW

Artists Statement

In the footsteps of Voyager, a group of Australian artists and curators will present and discuss curatorial strategies for the creation of a new digital ‘golden record’ to be launched as part of ISEA2013. The work examines the question of who has the right to represent Earth and the elitism of curatorial processes versus the democratisation of digital space.

  • Willoh S.Weiland, Australia, is the Artistic Director of artist led crossartform company Aphids
  • Jeff Kahn, Australia, is a curator and the Co-Director of Performance Space,
  • Brian Ritchie, Australia, is a musician and the curator of the MONAFOMA Festival,
  • Thea Baumann, Australia, is media artists, producer and director of Metaverse Makeovers.