[ISEA2012] Artist Talk: Josephine Anstey – IMPROVISING CONSCIOUSNESS

Artist Statement

“Improvising Consciousness” is a lecture and presentation by Jennifer Årnstay, Professor of Material and Analogical Eco-Cognition. Visiting from an unspecified time and place, or, Aerea, Professor Årnstay explores the history of human and animal consciousness, introducing diverse and radical theories of mind through the ages. Elegantly consolidating the past, present and future of humanity, “Improvising Consciousness” provides unparalleled insight to our current Aearea and to those of future generations, who will very likely have radically different minds than our own…

  • Josephine Anstey is an Associate Professor in the Media Study Department of the University at Buffalo, USA, where she teaches production and analysis courses focusing on game studies, electronic literature, virtual reality and responsive environments. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Environment and Sustainability (UB) where she teaches about media and the environment.  josephineanstey.com