[ISEA2012] Panel: Paula Castillo, Josh Lopez-Binder, Julian Priest, Thomas Strich, Jared Winchester, Cory Greenfield, Casey Crawmer, Sherri Brueggemann (moderator) – Public Art Design Competition

Panel Statement

Between August 2011 and January 2012 Dow Solar conducted an international student design competition over the Internet. The competition was held entirely on-line through web sites created by the contestants and the competition’s site. In contrast to conventional competitions, contestants selected winners via a unique peer-review process involving three on-line elections. The ballots for the process were designed to encourage thoughtful evaluation of the projects, which was then relayed to the designers themselves. Contestants had opportunities to advise and learn from each other throughout the competition process. designtozero.com

  • Paula Castillo (USA), sculpturist “Castillo’s abstract sculptures are made from worn metal bits found in the mountainous country of her hometown–a land that looks back hundreds of years to its earliest indigenous inhabitants, and beyond.”  paulacastilloart.com
  • Josh Lopez-Binder, USA, software engineer
  • Julian Priest is an artist living and working in New Zealand. He works with participatory and technological forms.      julianpriest.org    julianpriest.org/info
  • Thomas Strich, USA, Artist, Sculptor, Public Artist, Photographer     thomas-strich.com
  • Jared Winchester, Architect, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Lecturer University of New Mexico, School of architecture and Planning
  • Cory Greenfield, Principal at Campoverde Architecture, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Casey Crawmer, Brick, CA, USA  brick-inc.com/people/casey-crawmer
  • Sherri Brueggemann is the City of Albuquerque Public Art Urban Enhancement, Division Manager