[ISEA2012] Artist Talk: Xárene Eskandar – ARCHITECTURAL ORGANI/SKIN

Artist Statement

Architectural Organ I / Skin is part of my ongoing body of work which are explorations into the relationship between architecture and the body. Architectural Organs are not techno-prostheses, but a vision for the architectural capacity of our body. The first piece in the series is presented as a combination of an operatic performance, an interactive cinema, and a responsive environment allowing audiences and visitors to unfold the fantastical narratives.

  • Xárene Eskandar, Atelier XE, USA, is a researcher and designer with a background ranging from yacht and automotive design to architecture and live visuals. Her research interests stem from the philosophy of technology and focus on new perceptions of the body and self through altering the perception of time and space in photography, video, and virtual and augmented reality. xarene.la   cargocollective.com/atelierxe