[ISEA2012] Introduction: SUZANNE SBARGE – ISEA2012 Catalog Preface

Introductory Statement


“Our species will survive neither by totally rejecting nor unconditionally embracing technology – but by humanizing it”

ISEA2012 ALBUQUEROUE: MACHINE WILDERNESS is a symposium, multisite exhibition, and season-long series of public events exploring the subject of art, technology, and nature. The International Symposium on Electronic Art is held every year in a different location around the world, and has a 3O-year history of significant acclaim. It is an honor for Albuquerque to be selected, as we join the group of host cities that has included Istanbul, Singapore, Belfast, Paris, Helsinki and other major urban centers around the globe. This project is drawing a wealth of leading creative minds to New Mexico, and engages our local community through in-depth partnerships.

The overall ISEA2012 theme of “Machine Wilderness” references the New Mexico region as an area of rapid growth and technology alongside wide expanses of open land, and focuses on creative solutions for how technology and the natural world can sustainably coexist. The five subthemes explore aspects of this environmental focus, as outlined in the sections of this catalog and further illuminated by the essays on each section.

  • SUZANNE SBARGE, ISEA2012 Executive Producer & 516 ARTS Executive Director

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