Curator Statement


HOW DO WE CREATE VALUE TODAY? How do new technologies lead us to re-envision the worth of what we do? How do alternative platforms change how we engage in cultural production, distribution, education, and collaboration? The Econotopias theme at ISEA2012 explores divergent understandings of the “creative economies” as drivers of possibility across diverse communities, environments and technologies. Through panels, workshops, performances, and exhibitions, Econotopias brings together local and international artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, economists, city officials, and community organizers to question how creative economies face the challenges and demands of the global marketplace to impact everyday life. The “creative economy” is an evolving concept, capturing the effects of intellectual capital as it interfaces with the arts, culture, business, and technology. ln recent years the creative and knowledge industries have had unprecedented impact on the global economy. As a result, creative economies traverse the local and the global, and both physical and virtual geographies.

  • STEPHANIE ROTHENBERG, ISEA2012 Theme Leader & Associate Professor, Department of Visual Studies, SUNY Buffalo, US.

Full text (PDF) p. 98-99