[ISEA2012] Paper: Mario Humberto Valencia Garcia & Elizabeth Granados Salgado (Research 360) – Environment Interaction in Virtual Reality: Analysis of Interaction Patterns and Functional Prototyping Methodology


This document discusses creation environments of virtual reality, understood as temporal and spatial constructions that assemble objects, sounds, and images mediated by digital technology, in a habitable environment interaction. In general terms, relates the formal and functional structures between the perceptual, sensory, and cognitive with the object, space, and body, these being the new field of digital interfaces. In summary, the research explores how the use of technology platforms enables the ownership and development of fields of interaction and interface design, the development of different virtual reality environments was planed, so it allowed a glimpse of how the analysis for formal and digital structure today is not only happening by the ratio of feedback, but by the interface, gesture and control supported in virtual media spaces. 360 poses the evolution into a new type of environments, of synesthetic character, to examine these hypotheses in the research there were a series of prototypes that corroborate and rethink some of the ideas these parameters were developed under functional prototyping methodology which is described briefly at the end of the document.

  • Mario Humberto Valencia Garcia & Elizabeth Granados Salgado, Associate Professors of Caldas University, Colombia

Full text (PDF) p. 77-83