[ISEA2011] Panel: Gabriela Orth — New Media Con­tem­po­rary In­for­ma­tion Par­a­digms: The Re­ordered Mem­ory on FILE Archive Struc­tures

Panel Statement

Panel: New Media Archives- New Intelligent Ambiances

The paper “Con­tem­po­rary in­for­ma­tion par­a­digms: the re­ordered mem­ory on FILE Archive struc­tures” leads the dis­cus­sions that in­crease the per­cep­tions about the het­ero­ge­neous con­tent of dig­i­tal art mem­ory, high­light­ing the FILE elec­tronic lan­guage in­ter­na­tional fes­ti­val Archive, under the per­spec­tive of in­tel­li­gent sys­tems. With an In­for­ma­tion Sci­ence the­o­ret­i­cal ap­proach and con­sid­er­ing new prac­tices in the area, the study will raise per­spec­tives in using these ex­pert struc­tures, con­sid­er­ing the re­cent goals to de­velop a new FILE Archive en­vi­ron­ment.

  •  Gabriela Pre­v­idello Orth lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Grad­u­ated in Fine Arts, she de­vel­oped her work in art di­rec­tion, pro­duc­ing dif­fer­ent events and art ex­hi­bi­tions, in­clud­ing some FILE elec­tronic lan­guage in­ter­na­tional fes­ti­vals. Nowa­days, as FILE Archive Co­or­di­na­tor she is con­tribut­ing to a re­vi­sion on the in­for­ma­tion or­ga­ni­za­tion pro­ject of this am­biance. Gabriela is a In­for­ma­tion Sci­ence grad­u­ate stu­dent at ECA, School of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Arts of USP –Uni­ver­sity of São Paulo, re­search­ing dig­i­tal art mem­ory, with em­pha­sis on in­tel­li­gent struc­tures.

Full text (PDF) p. 1964-1967