[ISEA2011] Paper: Kirk Woolford & Stuart Dunn – Motion in Place Platform: VIRTUAL (RE)PRESENTATIONS OF IRON AGE MOVEMENT


The Motion in Place Platform brings together a cross-disciplinary group to develop new technologies allowing researchers to move out of the studio,to map and measure the human experience and response when moving through places. The video clip above shows an expert archaeologist working on summer dig. The MiPP team captured this data over the 2010 season at the Silchester Roman site.

Over centuries, societies have built up a wealth of written knowledge of human behaviour and emotion in response to specific environments. Such narratives are, however, subjective and not necessarily quantifiable. At the same time, the physical study of a site or the cataloguing of material objects often falls short of capturing the human experience of a site. In an effort to develop new tools for recording and articulating the human physical and emotional response to specific environments, the Motion in Place Platform (MiPP) is developing technologies and research strategies to enable the study of how people understand a site by moving through it.

  • Kirk Woolford is the Principle Investigator on the Motion in Place Platform (MiPP) – a UK  Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project exploring relationships between place and movement. MiPP brings together a cross-disciplinary group  developing new technologies allowing researchers to move out of the studio to map and measure human experience and response when moving through various environments. Kirk is an artist/designer and software developer who works closely with digital and creative industries. He is Sr Lecturer in Media Practice at the University of Sussex and has taught in Media Arts, Design, Fine Art, and Choreography programs in Germany, Holland, the US and UK. Kirk’s research is practice-led and he continues to actively exhibit his work in international venues including Shanghai eArts, ARCO Madrid, Art Cologne, P.S.1. (MoMA), Venice Biennale, Ars Electronica, ISEA, and SIGGRAPH. Kirk has collaborated on performances with Diller+Scofidio, Charleroi Danses, igloo, Susan Kozel, Frederique Flamand, Fabrizio Plessi, et. al., and has developed games and interactive expereinces for web, Nintendo Wii, iOs and Android platforms. bhaptic.net
  • Stuart Dunn 

Full text (PDF) p. 2600-2606