[ISEA2011] Panel: Mar­tin Rieser & Dim­itris Char­i­tos (moderators) – Hybrid Spatial Experiences

Panel Statement

Chair Per­sons: Mar­tin Rieser & Dim­itris Char­i­tos
Pre­sen­ters: Teri Rueb, Chris­t­ian Nold, Mark Shep­ard & Mar­cos Novak

Key Areas to be ad­dressed:
1) Artists use of lo­ca­tion-aware mo­bile com­mu­ni­ca­tion in pub­lic space linked with so­cial media.
Q How can we as artists ad­e­quately un­der­stand the chang­ing na­ture of  per­va­sive and  mo­bile media?
2) Artists recre­at­ing a sense of ‘place’ with emer­gent per­va­sive tech­nolo­gies.
Per­va­sive media is suc­cess­fully en­rich­ing place with in­for­ma­tion and so­cial net­works, but these mes­sages don’t nec­es­sar­ily add artis­tic or so­cial mean­ing to those spaces, thereby cre­at­ing place out of space. We live in a world of lost his­to­ries-artists can re­frame these in new ways for the pub­lic, the prob­lem­atic is how this dif­fers from any tra­di­tional pub­lic art prac­tice.                 Q: If per­va­sive media al­lows the in­for­ma­tional en­rich­ment of space, can we also en­able the pub­lic to do this for them­selves through processes which are not de­ter­mined in a top-down, but in a bot­tom-up man­ner?
Q: Can the use of per­va­sive media, through such processes, re­veal new as­pects of so­cial in­ter­ac­tion, new pat­terns and dy­nam­ics of ac­tiv­ity within urban space?
3) A hy­brid spa­tial ex­pe­ri­ence is the re­sult of the use of loca­tive media or aug­mented re­al­ity mo­bile ICTs which af­ford the merg­ing of ma­te­r­ial (space de­ter­mined by ma­te­r­ial el­e­ments) and im­ma­te­r­ial space (de­ter­mined by dig­i­tally pro­duced rep­re­sen­ta­tions).
Q: In what sense can we ex­am­ine and de­fine the artis­tic af­for­dances of this emer­gent medium?

  • Mar­tin Rieser‘s art prac­tice in in­ter­net art and in­ter­ac­tive nar­ra­tive in­stal­la­tions has been seen around the world in­clud­ing Milia in Cannes; Paris; The ICA Lon­don and in Ger­many, Mon­treal, Nagoya in Japan and Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia. He as de­liv­ered pa­pers on in­ter­ac­tive nar­ra­tive and ex­hib­ited at many major con­fer­ences in the field in­clud­ing ISEA: Mon­treal 1995, Rot­ter­dam 1996, Chicago 1997, Nagoya 2002, Belfast 2009, Uni­ver­sity of Oslo 2004, Sig­graph, 2005, Re­fresh Banff Arts Cen­tre 2005, Dig­i­tal Match­mak­ers Trond­heim 2005 Plan ICA 2005, NAI Rot­ter­dam 2008, In­tel­li­gent En­vi­ron­ments Seat­tle 2008,Barcelona 2009, Lo­cunet Uni­ver­sity of Athens 2008, ISEA 2009 and at many other con­fer­ence venues across the UK and Eu­rope.  His in­ter­ac­tive in­stal­la­tions in­clude Un­der­stand­ing Echo shown in Japan 2002, Hosts Bath Abbey 2006 and Se­cret Door In­video Milan 2006, The Street RMIT Gallery Mel­bourne 2008. He is cur­rently de­vel­op­ing mo­bile art­works for Vi­enna (The Third Woman), and pub­lic in­stal­la­tions for the new DMC in Leices­ter (Se­cret Gar­den) . He has pub­lished nu­mer­ous es­says and books on dig­i­tal art in­clud­ing New Screen Media: Cin­ema/ Art/Nar­ra­tive (BFI/ZKM, 2002), which com­bines a DVD of cur­rent re­search and prac­tice in this area to­gether with crit­i­cal es­says. And has re­cently edited The Mo­bile Au­di­ence, a book on loca­tive tech­nol­ogy and art due out this year from Rodopi, also logged in a blog. He has also acted as con­sul­tant to bod­ies such as Cardiff Bay Arts Trust and the Pho­tog­ra­pher’s Gallery Lon­don, Arkive in Bris­tol, The Soros Media In­sti­tute in Prague and UIAH in Helsinki.       mobileaudience.blogspot.com
  • Dim­itris Char­i­tos  [ISEA2011 provided no biographical information]