[ISEA2011] Paper: Luis Teixeira – Intelligent Content and Semantics Algorithms: the next digital artists?


Information Technology continues to foster the confluence of multimedia engineering, web technologies and social networks, and knowledge representation and reasoning. The goal is to promote original approaches and techniques for empowering creative usages and enabling interactive experiences based on an understanding of the content itself. In order to achieve this aim, semantic-based methods are being developed as a tools for extracting actionable knowledge from massive data sets and providing complex and yet flexible, interoperable services.

This paper will explore how these techniques can affect digital art production, how the act of creation an intelligent content may functions as an digital art interpretative process, and will attempt to discuss the future of media through computational archaeology.

  • Luis Teixeira, Lecturer, ERASMUS coordinator at the Department of Sound and Image Department of School of Arts from Portuguese Catholics University at Porto. Vice-director of CITAR – Research Center in Science and Technology in the field of Arts.

Full text (PDF) p. 2339-2342