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Other Plenary Sessions

Paper Presentations

Enunciations of Nonhuman Performativity

Motion Lab

Appropriating Social Media

Heavy Matter

Theory and History of Media Art

Building Musical Instruments

Hybrid Public Spaces

Coded Art

Coded Cultures

Sonic Strategies

Still Accessible? Rethinking the Preservation of Media Art

The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis

Expanded Visual Spaces

Media Politics of the Local

Musical Devices

Cyborgs and Transhumans

 Really Existing Social Media

Atmospheres and Ecologies

Media Spaces/Personal

Public Interventions

Mapping Virtual Skies

Digital Art | Digital User

History of Computer Art

Media Architectures

Augmenting Reality

Software for Artists

Taking Action – Sociopolitics and Media

‘Press Delete’ – The Politics and Performance of Spamculture

Interactive Transmission

Smart Interfaces

Grounded Virtuality

New Art Theory

Codifying History (Archive/Preservation I)

Archive/Preservation II

Media Gardens

Algorithmic Topology

Ludic Maps

Workshop Papers

Panels and Round Table Discussions

Latin American Forum I: Variantologia Latina

Latin American Forum II: Current Media Art Practice: Curators and Organisers

Latin American Forum III: Recent Histories of Electronic Culture in Latin America

Latin American Forum IV: Current Media Art Practice / Artist Presentations