[ISEA2010] Panel: Nick Lambert (Convener) — Codifying History (Archive / Preservation I)

Panel Statement

Focusing on the scope and development of “Computer Art”, this panel presents the CAT project’s current research, dealing with issues of archiving, curation, conservation and historical research. Tackling e.g. aesthetic and theoretical points concerning the survival of material archives, the panel also examines what aspects of early computer art activity might be relevant to the contemporary digital scene and might also influence its future development.

  1. Nick Lambert – The CAT Project as an Historical and Archival Collaboration
  2. Honor Beddard & Doug Dodds – Codifing History: The CAT Project Examines the International Trajectory of Computer Art 1975-2000
  3. Francesca Franco – ‘Computer Art in the Mainstream’: How the Venice Biennale Responded to the Historisation of Computer Art in the 1980s