[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Margarete Jahrmann – Sema-Code Dress, 2009

Artist Statement

Linen / hand-print, mobile phone software

This ‘wearable without wires’ fashion series by Marguerite Charmante is drawing on patterns, made of so called Sema-Codes, which can be decoded by particular software. Now for example, if an image of the dress is taken with a mobile phone, on which the software is installed, then the encoded information is made visible, which was embedded in the Sem-Code pattern.    ludic-society.net/sema

  • Margarete Jahrmann (AT/CH) is visiting artist at the MIT-GambitLab 2009 (US), Game Design professor at the University of Arts Zurich (CH), PhD aspirant of CAIIA, University of Plymouth (UK) and lectures at the University of Applied art, Vienna (AT)

Full text (PDF) p. 91