[ISEA2009] Platform – SPARK



Curator Statement


SPARK was developed to provide within ISEA2009 an informal and immediate platform for the showcasing and discussion of the best work in creative technology production from second live interventions in everyday life to examples of exemplary devices that respond and translate the workings of the human body. These works where successful peer-reviewed works from the call for papers and art projects as part of the ISEA2009 programme. SPARK will be located in the heart of ISEA2009 conference in the main exhibition areas of the Waterfront Hall. This is the primary location in Belfast for the conference, major events and networking forums. This will run only for the duration of the conference itself with some interventions happening in the city as demonstration or activation of the work. The exhibition is planned to engage with delegates directly in the main conference arena and the work directly engages with the main theme of the symposium Engaged Creativity in Urban Environments. Concurrent with the main panels and workshops, there are a series of talks and performances around the SPARK exhibitions. Each artist has been invited to give a 20 minute presentation or performance / demonstration of the work. Some of the works are placed not only to engage with the main conference cohort but are located in front of the Waterfront to engage with both a curious and accidental Belfast audience.