[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Ernest Edmonds – Cities Tango: between Belfast and Sydney, 2009

Artist Statement

Two computer displays, webcams and computers, a server computer and Internet connection

Cities Tango: Between Belfast and Sydney is an interactive work with two connected screens, one in Sydney Australia and one in Belfast. Cities Tango generates changing colour stripes, mixed with location images, from its internal logic. That logic, however, is changed in response to the audiences in each country. In each location the work picks up images from the screen location and reacts to the degree of motion detected. At the same time, the analysed image information is sent over the Internet to the other location and forms the second influence on the work’s behaviour

  • Ernest Edmonds (UK) is currently Professor of Computation and Creative Media at the University of Technology Sydney and is Editor-in-Chief of the Leonardo Journal’s Transactions.  ernestedmonds.com

Full text (PDF) p. 66