[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Fiona Larkin – DeV, 2009 and Kids, 2009

Artist Statement

DeV: Super 8 (digital transfer)                                                                                                              Kids: Super 8 (digital transfer) and video

‘…Marco Polo imagined himself interrupted, with a question such as: “You advance always with your head turned back?” or “ Is what you see always behind you?” or rather, “Does your journey take place only in the past?”’            _Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino

In an increasingly peripatetic society there are few who haven’t shifted, uprooted, travelled. But how does this affect our attachment to place? Does increased movement offer a fractured experience of place? In response to this do we construct histories, places, fictions to fill the gaps? Do these fictions increase our longing and nostalgia?

  • Fiona Larkin (IE) currently lectures in Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast, UK

Full text (PDF) p.  57