[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Anthony Haughey – Prospect, 2008

Artist Statement

Two channel video installation, mini-DV HD transferred to DVD, audio/video

This video installation explores illegal immigration from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe. Nearly 6,000 immigrants have died on the frontiers of Europe since 1988. Among them 1,883 have been lost at sea in the Sicilian Channel between Libya, Tunisia, Malta and Italy. Migrants pay unscrupulous smugglers 1,500-2000 euro to travel from North Africa. The journey can take more than five days in dangerously overloaded wooden fishing boats inadequate for the task.

  • Anthony Haughey lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. He is an artist and lecturer/researcher in the School of Media at the Dublin Institute of Technology where he is also a PhD supervisor at the Centre for Research in Transcultural Media Practice. ctmp.ie

Full text (PDF) p.  56