[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Stephanie Rothenberg, Jeff Crouse & Annie Ok – Invisible Threads/10 Steps to Your own Virtual Sweatshop, 2008

Artists Statement

Second Life, webcam, large format printer, fabric

10 Steps to Your Own Virtual Sweatshop is a humorous how-to for aspiring virtual entrepreneurs based on the mixed reality performance installation Invisible Threads. The project explores the growing intersection between labour, emerging virtual economies and real life commodities through the creation of a designer jeans sweatshop in the 3D online world of Second Life. Simulating a real life manufacturing facility that includes hiring Second Life ‘workers’ to produce real world, wearable jeans sold for profit, the project provides an insider’s view into new forms of global, telematic manufacturing. stephanierothenberg.com/invisible-threads

Concept/direction/production: Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg, Video Co-director and machinima: Annie Ok

  • Stephanie Rothenberg merges technology with performance and installation and is currently a Professor at SUNY Buffalo.
  • Jeff Crouse is a Senior Fellow at Eyebeam in New York City. doublehappinessjeans.com
  • Annie Ok, machinima artist and co-director on the 10 Steps… video, is a multimedia artist based in New York City.

Full text (PDF) p. 47