[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Stephanie Rothenberg – School of Perpetual Training, 2009

Artist Statement

Adobe Flash, webcam, Internet

School of Perpetual Training is a webcam enabled website designed as an ironic instructional training programme that exposes the underbelly and not so glamorous side of the computer video game industry. Most people associate jobs in the computer video game industry with information based labour such as 3D graphics and coding game programmes. Yet the majority of the industry relies on the sweat and stamina of migrant and low-income labourers working for electronics contract manufacturers in developing countries. stephanierothenberg.com/school-of-perpetual-training

  • Stephanie Rothenberg’s interdisciplinary practice merges performance, installation and networked media to create provocative interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires. stephanierothenberg.com

Full text (PDF) p. 46