[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: David Guez – DotRed, 2009

Artist Statement

DotRed is a playful application on the Internet – a serious game – thatenhances the federation of the Internet users around humanitarian, social and environmental actions in order to facilitate the passage between the virtual world and the real world. DotRed offers to its users virtual cities cut up into several million parcels for sale in a 3D interface covered one to one by a cartographic application similar to Google Maps. The game aims to collect money that will be redistributed in the form of donations to officially recognised organizations and which concerns correspond to the objectives of the missions.

  • David Guez (FR): Since 1994, David Guez created art work related to new media and digital forms. All his projects are driven by two main notions: ‘link’  and ‘public’.     guez.org

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