[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: David Elliott, Andrés Colubri, Patrick Tierney – Public / Pirate Community Radio, 2009

Artists Statement

Public / Pirate Community Radio is an adhoc mesh network of micro powered FM radio transmitters. They work as an autonomous Radio Bulletin Board System allowing anyone in the local community to phone in and add their message to a streaming broadcast. The system
tries to be as cheap as possible using common off the shelf products and open source software.
The system is designed to facilitate international connectivity between local communities through the use of Voice over IP. Members of a local community can become more connected by having a pervasive forum to voice their interests and concerns. Multiple communities with related interests can foster a sense of connectedness, even internationally.

  • David Elliott (US) has a background in photography from the International Center of Photography in New York and in fine art from San Francisco Art Institute.
  • Andrés Colubri (AR/US) is a visual performing artist, hacker, researcher and open source advocate
  • Patrick Tierney (US)  is a student of architecture at Princeton University

Full text (PDF) p. 35