[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Martin Rieser – The Street, 2008

Artist Statement

3 channel interactive video installation

The installation is based on an array of three seamlessly linked projectors using a Matrox Triple Head board and the tracking of human presence through video sensing technology. This is operated through a video camera linked to a Macromedia Director routine and TTC Pro software. The overall background ‘Street’ image, (a typical city street in suburban Bendigo New South Wales) remains still until a proximate section is activated by an audience member approaching the video sensor zone. A seamless scrolling image of the street is projected onto the wall of the space synchronously with the motion of that audience member, through pairing one of the houses with an individual audience member, such that the assigned house appears to lock on to them. The house in question will then appear to track the user and move alongside them as they walk.  martinrieser.com/The%20Street.htm

Programming: Ian Willcock and Anthony Rowe
Panoramic photos: Claire Smith
Narration: Tanya Myers

  • Martin Rieser (UK) is Joint Research Professor in the Institute of Creative Technologies and Art and Design.

Full text (PDF) p. 19