[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Kuuki (Gavin Sade & Priscilla Bracks) – e. Menura Superba, 2009

Artists Statement

OLED screens, tricolour LEDs, other various electronics, and post consumer stainless steel, brass, and plastic off cuts, aluminium mesh

e. Menura Superba is an interactive artwork that explores this paradox between our fascination
with the exotic, and the dystopic futures devoid of many species, that may lie in store as a result
of human activity. The work hybridises 17th to early 20th century aesthetics with refined post
consumer waste materials, to create a simulacra of a lyrebird.

Programmeming: Glen Wetherall
Metal Work: Dayataminda Rajapatirana
Additional bird recordings: courtesy of Sydney Curtis

Kuuki (AU) is an art, design, and media production collective directed by:

  • Gavin Sade (AU) currently teaching interactive media design at the Queensland University of Technology.
  • Priscilla Bracks (AU) visual artist practising in photography, illustration, installation, and newmedia art.

Full text (PDF) p. 18