[ISEA2009] Introduction: Kerstin Mey – Acknowledgements

Introductory Statement

Many individuals and institutions have supported the organisation of ISEA2009, and we are grateful for their efforts towards making this event a success. The University of Ulster has generously provided support for all aspects of the symposium including administrative aid, equipment, technical assistance and space. The Research Institute Art and Design; Interface: The Centre for Research in Art, Technologies and Design; the Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment, as well as the Schools of Creative Arts and of Media, Film and Journalism have made financial contributions towards the realisation of ISEA2009 and its social framework programme. Particular thanks go to Eric Courtney, Belfast Campus IT Manager, and Michael Miskimmin, Technical Service Manager there, Peter Dines, Assistant Estate Manager, Andrew Drake and Margaret McIntyre for the Facilities Service Management as well as IT Technician Ramakant Sharma at Belfast.

We are indebted to the Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau for the promotion of the symposium and for dealing with the logistics of accommodating the delegates in the city that has become a sought after conference venue. We would like to warmly thank the facility management team at the Waterfront Hall, above all Barry McQuillan, Philip McVeigh and David Sinton, for looking after all the symposium’s needs with much care and foresight. Without the support of the teams at the Ormeau Baths Gallery and Golden Thread Gallery, ISEA2009: The Exhibition could not have been realised and promoted across Belfast and the region, and for that we also express our gratitude. Hugh Mullholland and Tereza Kotyk have given vital assistance for the realisation of the displays in situ. The initiatives of our cultural partners PS2, Catalyst Arts, Flax Art, Digital Arts Studio, Linen Hall Library and the Black Box, and associated organisations including Belfast Exposed and Millennium Court Arts Centre have enabled us to involve into ISEA2009 many communities in and visitors to Northern Ireland.

We are grateful for the support received from government and cultural partners as well as for the sponsorship from businesses and organisations in the region and internationally.

We offer our gratitude to the ISEA International Foundation and Headquarters for their advice in the planning process of this symposium, to the Review Panels and the International Programming Committee for their commitment to evaluating the many proposals received for presentations, artworks, projects and interventions, workshops, roundtables and open spaces, and therefore for safeguarding the quality of the Symposium.

The success of the Symposium and its integral exhibition heavily relies on the initiative and engagement of the exhibiting artists and their supporters and funders, and on the commitment of the keynote speakers and all the presenters. We thank them all for their engagement, participation and contributions.
Finally, we thank all who have volunteered to realise this event in all its multifarious dimensions.

  • Kerstin Mey, Berlin, Germany, director Centre for Research Institute in Art and Design, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, Artistic Director ISEA2009

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