[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Revital Cohen – Artificial Biological Clock, 2008

Artist Statement

Glass, nickel plated brass, acrylic resin

The promises posed by new reproductive technologies such as IVF, test tube babies and egg freezing, are blurring perceptions of the reproductive cycle amongst women, and consequently, the age of conception is constantly being challenged. The female body clock relies on moonlight to regulate the menstrual cycle. The use of artificial light and contraceptive hormones, along with the growing pressure to develop a career, are distorting the body’s reproductive signals. The Artificial Biological Clock compensates for this increasingly lost instinct. This object acts as constant reminder of the temporary and fragile nature of fertility. Given to a woman by her parents or partner, it reacts to information from her doctor, therapist and bank manager via an online service. When she is physically, mentally and financially ready to conceive the object awakes, seeking her attention.

  • Revital Cohen is a designer and researcher who develops critical objects and provocative
    scenarios exploring the juxtaposition of the natural with the artificial. She is a research associate within the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art, UK.

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