[ISEA2009] Venue – Golden Thread Gallery


Golden Thread Gallery, Contemporary Art and Projects
84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, N. Ireland

Golden Thread Gallery is one of the most prominent and innovative contemporary art spaces in Belfast. The Gallery first opened in 2001 and its director, Peter Richards, is an internationally renowned artist and curator. With a reputation for exhibiting the best of Northern Irish based art, the Golden Thread Gallery strives to platform Northern Irish based artists at an international level and its programme reflects this by exhibiting internationally renowned artists alongside the emerging.
In addition to hosting exhibitions, the gallery also represents artists, publishes art books, tours exhibitions and facilitates outreach activities. Running alongside the gallery’s primary exhibition programme, the gallery has a project space that hosts experimental projects and exhibitions from emerging artists.

Exhibited ISEA2009 Artists

Tony Allard and Kristine Diekman; Jay Bushman; Candida TV: Agnese Trocchi and Antonio Veneziano; Ian Clothier; Joseph DeLappe; Denise Doyle; David Elliott, Andres Colubri, Patrick Tierney; David Guez; Jim Kosem; Paula Levine; Diana McCarty, Mare Tralla, Reet Varbalne and Kathy Rae Huffman; Max Moswitzer; Will Pappenheimer and John Craig Freeman; Personal Cinema and The Erasers; Rainer Prohaska; Pedro Rebelo; Stephanie Rothenberg; Stephanie Rothenberg and Jeff Crouse with Annie Ok; Mark Skwarek, Joseph Hocking and Arthur Peters; Brad Todd; UBERMORGEN.COM; Andrea Zapp.