[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Steve Symons – Aura: The Stuff that Forms around You

Artist Statement

Surround sound, GPS and Digital Compass enabled backpacks, with local wifi and server, SuperCollider, Processing, arduino and PHP, bespoke electronics.

Borrow an aura backpack and experience this unique sound world, but be aware that you destroy the world as you listen to it; in fact the landscape you hear is created from the remnants left from other users’ walks.  Eventually the artwork will be completely eroded.
Aura is a located sound project that explores notions of consumption and ownership by allowing users to effect an audio landscape as they move within the Real World. owlproject.com

  • Steve Symons (UK): Once the programme leader for the MA Multimedia Arts at Liverpool John Moores University, now unaffiliated and ensconced fulltime in his studio. muio.org

Full text (PDF) p. 99