[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Stuart Sloan & Michael MacBroom — Counterweight and 33 Seagulls

Artists Statement

Counterweight (2008). Director: Stuart Sloan. This film matches images of cranes throughout Belfast with nameless and faceless interviews of individuals about the city and its growth.
The film aims to make no specific or explicit conclusions about the issues involved, and Counterweight hopes to portray the complicated process of how Belfast is beginning to develop an identity that has little to do with war.
33 Seagulls (2009). Director: Michael MacBroom. A short documentary about homeless artist Robert Bodel. The film charts several days spent with Robert following him in his daily pilgrimage to a little park in East Belfast that is his sanctuary from the world.
It is Robert’s art which is often the dominant character in the film, all abstract works, each meticulously drawn on the back of little envelopes.

  • Stuart Sloan & Michael MacBroom