[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Kate Southworth & Patrick Simons (Glorious ninth) – Cultural_Capital, 2009

Artists Statement

Sour dough starter

Various places.

Drawing parallels between the use of bacteria and culture in traditional bread making and the generative condition of network art, Cultural_Capital is a transformational artwork in which a sour-dough starter is created and grown from the bacteria generally present in the air of the gallery, and is cared for by the curatorsThe artwork gives attention to the role of curator
as carer.

  • Kate Southworth (UK): trained in Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic and The University of Leeds, and in Multimedia Systems at London Guildhall University.
  • Patrick Simons (UK): trained in Politics and Humanities at Manchester Polytechnic and Art History and Theory at Falmouth College of Arts.  cc.gloriousninth.net

Full text (PDF) p. 77