[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Ralph Borland & Tim Redfern – SMSage, 2007

Artists Statement

Security-camera housing, speaker, amplifier, Netslug computer, various electronics

SMSage is a security camera that babbles, chatters and blathers using a speech synthesiser. Unlike the the speaking security cameras recently installed in parts of Britain, SMSage does not transmit the voice of authority, but that of the public, who can send SMS messages to it to be recited.

  • Ralph Borland is a PhD student conducting crossdisciplinary research with the Disruptive Design Team (DDT) in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin, IR.
  • Tim Redfern is a designer, artist and technologist based in Dublin. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the Distributed Systems Group of Trinity College Dublin, IR.

Full text (PDF) p. 86