[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Eric Siu – Optical Handlers: eeyee, 2008

Artist Statement

Optical device, wearable media, head mount display, mini-LCDs, cameras, electronics, goggles, gloves, celastic, paint, jumpsuit.

As a device, Optical Handlers – eeyee consists of two parts:

  1. the goggles and
  2. the gloves.

Within the goggles, are four viewable LCDs, which connected to four spy cameras (two as a pair) on the gloves, and both ends are in stereoscopic setting. User therefore perceives a doublestereoscopic vision, which directly mobilised by his/her own hands. opticalhandlers.com

  • Eric Siu is a new media artist raised in Hong Kong and currently a graduate student of Design Media Arts at UCLA (US)  ericsiu.net

Full text (PDF) p. 98