[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Sreejata Roy & Mrityunjoy Chatterjee — Why is a Cube not Perfect, 2009

Artists Statement

Interactive digital media (iMac installation)

The artwork is conceptualised through a ‘cube’ with a stainless steel finish. Benoît Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, has unequivocally declared, “the idea that perfection is a cube is over”. However, for mathematicians and artists alike, the cube continues to retain its fascination as an embodiment of pure form.

Editorial support: Smriti Vohra, Prabhat Kumar Jha
Documentation: Anuradha Pathak
Translation: Indira Mukherjee

  • Sreejata Roy is an independent artist, researcher and also coordinates the community art programme in Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education in New Delhi, India.
  • Mrityunjoy Chatterjee as an independent artist presently working on two part residency with Khoj Art Studio, Delhi, India khojworkshop.org

Full text (PDF) p.  61