[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: lizvlx & Hans Bernhard (UBERMORGEN.COM) – Superenhanced Tribunal Room, 2009

Artists Statement

Mixed media installation with software component

We deny the concept of torture as self defence, but we accept it as part of rock culture. Enhanced Interrogation (Torture), Extraordinary Renditions (CIA kidnappings), Supermax Prisons, Unlawful Enemy Combatants and Child Imprisonment: Mixing Supermax brightness with blacksite darkness. We do not emulate reality – our world is staged, superficial and amateurish, but still the user can experience the ubiquitous perversion and go into a supervised shock.    ipnic.org/superenhanced     ipnic.org/superenhanced/generator

UBERMORGEN.COM (AT/CH/USA, *1999) is an artist duo created in Vienna, Austria  UBERMORGEN.COM

  • lizvlx (1973, AT)Hans Bernhard (b. July 23, 1971, CH/US) Live and work in Vienna (AT), Cologne (DE) and St. Moritz (CH).

Full text (PDF) p. 51