[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Tony Allard & Kristine Diekman — Drawing_in_the_Media_Stream_Belfast, 2009

Artists Statement

Live Stream Internet, projected, with drawing easel and mixed media

The relentless 24/7 global media stream has radically transformed our viewing experiences of images and has thrown in doubt our concept of what an image is. With this installation we challenge the wisdom of this shift in techno culture away from object-based images produced on paper towards real time images produced and viewed on a computer monitor.  We question the increasing dominance of machine-made images and the corresponding decrease in human-made images and the role they play in the formation of cultural and personal memories. Furthermore, this installation negotiates the collision between traditional forms of perceptual drawing and visual memory making with what Paul Virilio has identified as techno culture’s headlong plunge into ‘visionics’, machine-based vision and image production.

  • Tony Allard currently teaches at California State University, San Marcos, USA
  • Kristine Diekman is Professor of Video at California State University, San Marcos, USA

Full text (PDF) p. 29