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Art Exhibitions

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Exhibited Works of Art

Container Culture (Pacific Rim New Media Summit Exhibition)

Container Culture: Auckland Container

Container Culture: Beijing Container

Container Culture: Hong Kong Container

Container Culture: Singapore Container

Container Culture: Mumbai Container

Container Culture: Seoul Container

  • Jang Woosuk & Kim Joon (Love Virus) & Taeyoon Choi — SS4-2

Container Culture:  Container Culture: Tokyo Container

Container Culture: Vancouver Container

  • Kate Armstrong, Bobbi Kozinuk, Simon Levin, Laurie Long, Leonard Paul, Manuel Piña & Jean Routhier — in[]ex



Live Cinema Nights
  • ISEA2006, Pixelache, Sonic Acts & Club Transmediale — Live Cinema Nights
  • Guillermo Galindo & Gustavo Vazquez — Glance
  • Sue Costabile & Laetitia Sonami — I.C. You
  • Joshua Kit Clayton — Aquavision
  • O Samuli A (Samuli Alapuranen) — Silmukka
  • Jarryd Lowder — Video requiem for those killed in Iraq
  • Solu — Taxi, take-off and landing
  • Ran Slavin — Cinema Cycles 07.3
  • RYBN — Smell-O-Rama
  • META.AM — Live audiovisual improvisation
  • Various Artists — VJ sessions

Public Events

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