[ISEA2000] ISEA2000 – Production Teams





  • Stephanie Fraysse-Ripert: Producer
  • Romain Brun: Concerts, performances and screenings
  • Caroline Bugat: Papers, panels and seminars
  • Alice Lebresne: Posters and music, video and website sessions
  • Carine Le Malet: Art exhibitions (installations, CD-Roms, websites)
  • Anne Taudin: Management of the location, logistics, transport and accommodation and public guidance


  • Virginie Gallon: Communication with external relations
  • Eliza Kosmala: Public and press
  • Veronique Labat: Academic communications
  • Marlene Loizon : Editorial operations
  • With the precious collaboration of Sarah Mascheroni, Isabelle Arvers, Olga Dreski, Anne-Pauline Graf & Anne-Claire Rebibo.


  • General manager: Yves Le Guen with assistance of Alexandre Fernandez Sinde
  • UNESCO manager: Jean Benoit Fournier
  • Stage design: Pierre Hespel
  • Simultanous translations: Express Traductions
  • Thanks to the Forum des images team and all the volunteers for their precious helping hands.


  • Coordination: Eric Ducommun, Bastien Gallet, Virginie GallonSecretariat de redaction : Marlene Loizon
  • Translations: Express Traductions, Alto Traductions
  • Graphic Design : Verdet / Lakits – Montreuil
  • Design plan (“Conception des plans”): Monique Labat
  • Print: Imprimerie Corlet